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Interactive Travel Health App

  • Gives the user/s up to date country information & advice
  • Vaccine recommendations for the user/s
  • Advice on non vaccine preventable diseases including malaria
  • Specific COVID-19 and LGBT information for each country
  • Emergency numbers and consular contact details for countries
  • Live alerts on important country updates as you travel
  • Allows you to save important documentation and contacts in one place


Benefit 1

Up to date travel information and health advice relevant to the countries you may choose to visit.

Benefit 2

Recommendations on which vaccinations you may need when travelling, specific to your previous vaccination record.

Benefit 3

Travel advice and useful information on non vaccine preventable diseases including malaria before and during your travel.

Benefit 4

Emergency phone numbers and consular contact details for countries.

Benefit 5

Live alerts and important country updates as you travel.

Benefit 6

Retrieval of any saved documents from My KAYG section of the website if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

How it works

What is KnowAsYouGo?
Travel health, safety and security information “as you go” for anyone travelling abroad from the UK.

KnowAsYouGo is an interactive travel health app giving specialised travel health advice - vaccine recommendations and information about non vaccine preventable diseases and how to prevent them, as well as up to date country specific advice from UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Once you have populated the app with your vaccine history, the app interprets this information and tailors further vaccine recommendations specific to the country you plan to visit. There is also an opportunity for you to save important documentation and contacts in one place for easy use in an emergency. As you travel, the app will alert you to any important updates to travel or health information for countries that you specify.

  • Search your proposed destinations to receive specific vaccine recommendations and up to date travel health advice including malaria as well as the latest travel news, safety and security updates for you and your family.
  • Add your vaccine records to the app to map the vaccines that you and your family have had against the vaccines you may need to travel to that destination.
  • Upload photos of your passport, travel and insurance documents and those of your family.
  • Pre populate important phone numbers for ease of use in an emergency.
  • Receive updates and alerts for your selected countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the app?

There are Apple and Android versions of KnowAsYouGo. The Apple version needs iOS 8.1 or above and the Android version 4.1 or above.

KnowAsYouGo for Apple

KnowAsYouGo for Android

What if I've forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password then just click the "forgotten password" button on the login page and you will be prompted to give your email address. We will then send you a reset password link by email.

Can I change my email address?

Yes you can and remember we also need an up to date email address if you would like us to send you a PDF of your vaccine record or important documents. Just go to My Profile section of the app and you can change your email address and / or password there.

Where do you get your information from?

We use multiple reputable sources for our information and this data is checked and updated in real time. 

Travel advice is provided by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Disease risks are compiled from several sources:

  • Travax
  • Nathnac
  • FitForTravel
  • CDC
  • ProMed

Health advice has been written by our in-house medical team.


Will I be bombarded with notifications?

No - we believe the more notifications that you are sent, the less notice you will take of them so we will only send you those we consider to be very important. Furthermore, you will only receive notifications for those countries that you have specified within the app. All alerts will be shown in "news and alerts" section of the app for every country.

Do I need an internet connection?

You will still be able to use the app if you don't have access to the internet at times but you will need an internet connection:

  • to save any changes to your profile e.g. emergency information, vaccination records.
  • to access the travel advice section as this is provided by linking to the relevant country pages of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice website.
  • to receive updates and alerts.

How do I save a country as a favourite

You can easily save a country as a favourite by following the steps in the links below


Add Favourite video

Add Favourite Slideshow


Does the app show me how to see a doctor if I'm unwell whilst travelling?

No and this is for a very good reason - your travel insurance is designed to do this for you. If you are unlucky enough to fall ill abroad, contact your travel insurance helpline number and tell them what is going on. They should ensure you get the best medical care you need, wherever you are. Make sure you list the helpline number as an emergency number in the app so that it is immediately to hand if you ever need to use it.

More questions?

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Story behind the app

We were running a busy travel clinic within General Practice with a lot of students registered, travelling all over the world. One of the concerns we had in our travel clinic was that the information we gave our travellers was out of date almost as soon as they had left the clinic. We wanted a way we could keep them updated with important travel and health alerts as they went. Events such as the terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France and Belgium and health outbreaks such as Zika in Central and South America made this even more important and so KnowAsYouGo was created. We then listened to our travellers and tried to anticipate features that they would need - a secure place to store photos of their passport and yellow fever record card in case they lost them, an easy way to contact their travel insurance helpline in an emergency, practical advice on disease prevention etc.

KnowAsYouGo is not meant to replace a visit to your GP or travel clinic but to highlight how important pre travel advice is. Unfortunately GP records may not be complete for vaccinations and so it is important that you hold a complete record of your immunisation history. Our interactive vaccine record card will not only serve as a lifelong record of any vaccinations you may have had but also interacts with specific country advice, highlighting any gaps in your immunisations.

The majority of diseases you may be exposed to when travelling are actually non vaccine preventable and we wanted to make sure that a traveller was aware of any risks in the country they were visiting and how to mitigate them with clear preventive advice.

KnowAsYouGo will help prepare you for your next trip abroad and then keep you updated with any travel or health alerts tailored to your itinerary as well as act as your personal assistant if anything goes wrong.

What do people think?

Medical emergency in Namibia

If you're standing at the top of one of the largest sand dunes in the world, would you be able to resist running down it? Ben took the challenge and loved it so much that he had to do it twice more. Unfortunately it was third time unlucky and he fell, somersaulting to the bottom. Getting up he realised he had hurt his ankle.

As his ankle started to swell and bruise, he knew he needed hospital attention. When he reached the hospital, he was able to open his KnowAsYouGo app and show them a record of all his immunisations as well as his travel insurance policy details. If he had been taking any regular medication, he could have shown them a photo of his repeat prescription. He had preloaded the medical helpline number into his phone and so could quickly get advice from his insurance  company. There was no scrambling for information as it was all there, immediately to hand.

After 5 days of fantastic care in a Namibian hospital, he was transferred home. 


KnowAsYouGo put through its paces.

KnowAsYouGo put through its paces. Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's fantastic having all my important travel information in one place.

Very easy to use - just took photos of my important travel documents including passport, repeat prescription list, travel insurance policy, itinerary. A great feature was being able to zoom in and out of the photos.

I preloaded my travel insurance helping number as well as the phone numbers for the hotels I was staying in. During my trip, I added taxi phone numbers too - all in the one place so I didn't get them lost amidst all my contacts.


Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell Monday, June 20, 2016

Rabies Advice

Luke was spending 4 months travelling through Central and South America. He had received 3 pre-exposure rabies immunisations before he had left the UK. Despite having been warned not to touch animals whilst travelling, advice was forgotten when he saw the hostel's puppy being attacked by a stray dog. He didn't think (not unusual!) and rushed to its help, rescuing it. Fortunately, he then remembered the rabies warnings and checked his KnowAsYouGo app. 

Luke read that although he had had a full course of rabies vaccinations, he still needed to seek immediate medical advice as he may need a further 2 boosters. If he hadn't checked his app, he would not have remembered this vital advice.

Your memory isn't always as good as you think it is.

Your memory isn't always as good as you think it is. Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Choose your plan today



  • Detailed travel and health advice for each country



  • Personalised travel and health advice for each country
  • Interactive vaccine record with reminders
  • Live alerts for your trip and favourite countries
  • Full access to the emergency section
  • Retrieval of saved documents from KnowAsYouGo website



  • Travel and health advice for each country, personalised for each member of your family
  • Interactive vaccine record and reminders for each family member
  • Live alerts for your trip and favourite countries
  • Full access to the emergency section
  • Retrieval of saved documents from KnowAsYouGo website



  • Brand with your custom app name, logo, and colours
  • Multiple user access with ALL the benefits of the full version
  • Emergency contacts tailored to your specific requirements
  • Ability to send alerts to your users

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